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Swimming pools and beach

The azure blue swimming pool in the park is framed by a lush tropical vegetation and surrounded by a large terrace fully equipped with umbrellas and sun beds – here you will be able to relax and enjoy the sunrays as well as the benefits of thermal water. Another pool is dug in the tuff rock of a grotto that used to be a wine cellar. Small thermal waterfalls have replaced the old wine casks. Directly through the SPA our guests can have easy access to our indoor pool, beautifully set inside a greenhouse providing a perfect habitat for several varieties of flowers and plants.
Within short walking distance of the hotel you find the private beach and pier, where you will be offered a beach umbrella and sun bed and you will experience a wonderful day at the sea – always enjoying the breathtaking, sweeping view of the Gulf of Naples, which will be a long-lasting memory of your holiday in Ischia.

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