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The restaurant

Our “La Pergola” restaurant offers a traditional Mediterranean cuisine which at the same time is light and refined, being created with genuine ingredients and characterized by a delicate and refined taste. The dishes are served under a shady pool-side pergola or in the dining room framed by magnificent bougainvilleas and hanging plants.
Our chef Giovanni Perna’s preferred style is a superb blend of simple recipes created with fresh and high-quality ingredients and inspired by the culinary traditions of our island, yet open to contemporary influences regarding food and wellbeing. For his cuisine, only the best of the best ingredients are allowed: a selection of top-quality extra-virgin olive oils, fish, meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as a quick cooking time to preserve taste, texture and nutritional value of all products.
Out chef draws inspiration from both the local cuisine and the traditions of other Italian coastal regions to create exquisite dishes with a perfect balance in taste, smell and colour.

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