Detox facial - 60'

Cleansing and toning treatment, scrub, hydration, face massage, mask and day cream application

€ 60
Personalized face treatment - 60'

Face cleaning and regeneration through techniques and products chosen depending upon the skin type.

€ 80
Thermal face treatment - 45'

Skin regeneration through products based on thermal water rich in mineral salts.

€ 60
Mud mask

Detoxicating treatment, which removes impurities and gives back brightness to your face.

€ 30
Anti-wrinkles face massage 20'

Gentle massage concentrating on the delicate tissue around the eyes, on the forehead and on the neck, in order to remove the muscle contractures originating wrinkles.

€ 30
Face Lymph-drainage 20'

Gentle massage and delicate pressures stimulate the release of exceeding liquids, removing bags and swelling. 


€ 30
Anti age face treatment - 60'

Complete treatment integrating specific products and actions in order to regenerate and moisturize, leaving a compact, smooth and luminous skin.

€ 80
Face treatment "Myolifting" - 60'

Taning of the myofibrils which support the skin tissue through microcurrents and draining massage. 


€ 80
Photobiostimulation treatment - 60'

Photobiostimulation favors cell metabolism boosting the production of collagen and elastin, improving skin compactness, luminosity and tone already from the first application.

€ 80
Oxygen therapy for face, neck, décolleté - 50'

A stream of high-pressurized oxygen infused with the chosen cosmetic product is applied to the face and neck. 

€ 150
Oxygen therapy and photobiostimulation - 70'

The perfect synergy of two successful techniques.

€ 180
Peeling with citrus extracts - 30'

It leaves a bright, soft and fresh skin, after gently eliminating impurities and dead cells. 


€ 60
Peeling with thermal mud

Exploits the revitalizing power of thermal mud.

€ 60
Body gommage with botanical extracts - 30'

Highly effective exfoliation through the synergy of fruit extracts, spices and essential oils.

€ 60
Personalized partial body wrap

Body masks reach of botanical extracts wrap your body with a draining, toning and energizing effect

€ 50
Personalized total body wrap

Body masks reach of botanical extracts wrap your body with a draining, toning and energizing effect

€ 80
Moisturizing body pack - 50'

Deep nutrition and prolonged hydration for a smooth and soft skin.

€ 80
Frigotherapy - 30'

Wraps based on vasoconstrictor concentrates, indicated for leg heaviness.

€ 30
€ 26
Nail varnish
€ 10
Semipermanent varnish
€ 50
Hand / feet peeling
€ 25
€ 30/45
€ 10/20/30/50