The grapes of Ischia, already appreciated for the quality of the wine produced, turn in our SPA into a precious ally both for health and beauty. Thermal water, mud and extracts from medicinal plants enhance the action of the polyphenols contained in red grapes. Universally recognized are their antioxidant properties, draining effect as well as stimulating action on blood circulation and cell regeneration.


00 Massage with grap seed oil

Lightly scrubbing massage with grape seed oil, personalized through the addition of essential oils for a relaxing or toning action.

  • 50 min
  • 60€
01 Mud treatment with polyphenols

Mud treatment enriched with polyphenols extracted from red grapes of Ischia.

  • 50€
02 Hydromassage with red wine and sea salts

Hydromassage in naturally hot spring water rich in minerals and trace elements with the addition of red grapes extracts and sea salts with a high magnesium content.

  • 30€
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