Ristorante Hotel Il Moresco

The restaurant

Our “La Pergola” restaurant serves traditional Mediterranean dishes under the shady pool-side pergola or in the dining room with bouganvilleas and hanging plants.

During dinner time, men are allowed to enter the restaurant only if they wear long trousers.

Our cusine

Ischia’s cuisine is a mixture of inland and seafood dishes. Poor and rich at the same time, it keeps natural flavours separate, exalting their freshness and genuineness also thanks to the light, colours and warmth of the people helping our chefs to transmit his joy through food.

Ingredients and recipes

Our Chef Giovanni Perna’s preferred style is a superb blend of classical, simple local cuisine prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients and contemporary influences. He takes care of our guests and of their wellbeing by using only the best of the best ingredients – extra-virgin olive oils, fish, meat, fresh vegetables and fruits – and quick cooking time to preserve taste and texture.

The winery of the Moresco wines

True connoisseurs do not drink wine, but taste SECRETS.

For wine lovers we have a rich cellar with a well-stocked selection of Campania and Italian wines.

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